Neuropsychological & Psychological Testing Services

Dr. Lori Pyter Provides Neuropsychological, Psychological & Academic Testing Services in Brookfield, WI. Serving Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Dane, Racine and all Wisconsin Counties.

Family Psychological Services

Dr. Lori Pyter conducts detailed, comprehensive neuropsychological & psychological testing with children of all ages and adults. This process is designed to uncover the reasons for emotional, behavioral, academic, relationship or processing challenges. Only when the issues are clear can they be effectively addressed. Then resources can be used in the most targeted and efficient way. Diagnostic accuracy is a critical component to improvement. 

With a clear profile and diagnosis you can become proactive, develop an organized and clear plan and make progress rather than having to guess about what's happening or what to do.

There Are Many Types of Evaluations

Academic Performance & Learning Disabilities: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia

Adoption: National & International (for Children and/or Parenting Capacity)

Attachment Disorders (RAD)

Anxiety / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorders

Bariatric Surgery

Bipolar Disorders

Cognitive Delays


Developmental Delays 

Dyspraxia / Developmental Coordination Disorder

Executive Functioning / ADHD / ADD

Fetal Alcohol (FASD / FAE)


Gifted & Talented

Individualized Education Program (IEP) 

Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

Information Processing


Motivation & Engagement


Parenting Capacity 

Personality Development & Disorders

Postraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Psychosis / Schizophrenia

Sensory Integration

Sleep Disorders

Trauma / Abuse

Violence Risk Assessment - Adolescent

Three Step Process

All evaluations begin with an interview to create a personalized plan. This is followed by a day of testing and a feedback session. You will be provided with a document outlining the testing results and a specific plan of action. Abbreviated reports can be provided for school systems, physicians, psychiatrists, or mental health providers upon request.

Creative Solutions Psychology Center

Dr. Lori Pyter is a licensed clinical psychologist and a member of Creative Solutions Psychology Center (CSPC). She works with a team of expert mental health professionals who provide treatment services to children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. 


Expedited evaluations are completed at a flat rate fee and are completed within several weeks.

In and Out of Network benefits can be used for those wishing to use insurance plans.

Specialty Services

Psychological Potential Evaluations

This type of evaluation is designed for motivated professionals who are interested in understanding their personal psychology to maximize potential in all areas of life including careers and relationships.

Psychological Evaluations

This type of evaluation is designed to understand the psychological and emotional factors affecting behavior and performance. 

Neuropsychological Testing

This type of evaluation is meant to clarify how an individual learns, processes information and the connection between these brain functions and performance.

Turn Challanges Into Progress

Neuropsychological, Psychological & Academic Testing

For Preschoolers, Children, Adolescents, Adults & Professionals

Preschool to High School

Professional diagnostic testing for treatment and academic planning purposes.

College Students, Adults & Professionals

Proactively address challenges with clarity to maximize success and personal potential. 


Dr. Lori Pyter

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